About GOV.IN AppStore

GOV.IN AppStore

GOV.IN AppStore is a government-owned mobile application hosting platform. It has been created to provide Indian mobile application developers with a hosting platform for their mobile applications developed for the delivery of public services through mobile devices. The GOV.IN AppStore will be based upon service-oriented architecture and cloud-based technologies using open standards as far as practicable. GOV.IN AppStore is India's first indigenously developed AppStore with a very wide reach amongst the people. Central, State and UT Ministries/ Departments are already part of this platform.

The GOV.IN AppStore is available at https://apps.mgov.gov.in.The government Department/private Developers can host mobile applications, which is related to delivering/providing government and other public services related to health, education, agriculture, financial, online payments, electoral services, social welfare, food, transport, energy, etc. Users can download applications from GOV.IN AppStore for accessing various government/public services anytime from anywhere.

Following are the objectives of AppStore:

  • The App store focuses on providing Government and public services apps on this trusted environment.
  • One Stop Store for of Govt. Applications & Public services
  • Developing an Indigenous app store.
  • Hosting Mobile Application for domains such as Health, Education, Agriculture, online payments, Electoral, Judiciary, Social Welfare, Food & Supply, Transport, Energy which are related to public services.

GOV.IN AppStore has the following features:

  • Hosting Application state and categories wise.
  • Search/filter applications based upon different criteria
  • Provide information about an application
  • Uploading and Downloading of apps are free of cost and hassle free.
  • Only verified and signed APK files can be uploaded on the AppStore.
  • Testing before publishing
  • Updates facility