CIVIL RIGHTS App educates the common man regarding his rights and duties as a responsible citizen. Inadvertently, as a result of such information dissemination, the people will be increasingly aware of their constitutional rights and thus avoid being unduly cheated or taken advantage of by certain Government officials. I believe empowering the common man with knowledge is the only way to deal with the widespread corruption in our nation; and the best way forward is to start right at the bottom. This Application aims to drastically curb and control corruption in any citizens day to day interactions with the various government department representatives like the Police, Regional Transport Office and the Municipal Corporation. simply by providing the necessary information to the citizens in the time of need. The app is linked to several Government websites that offer online information and services for the citizens (Digital India). Unfortunately these sites have not been getting the traffic they deserve due to many reasons. Citizens will be able to know about their Constitutional Rights, legal obligations of being a responsible citizen, various government services available online but not publicized, and many more such benefits. As you may already be aware, corruption is not only a deadly parasite eating away at our nation, but also the reason for the uncontrollable rise in criminal activity inside and outside the Government.

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Developer: Gaurav Mardia
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