RFID Tag Search BT

An Android mobile application for searching tagged books in the library where the mobile UI facilitates user to key in the Tag ID of the book being searched. Then the mobile handset is interfaced/paired with a Bluetooth handheld RFID Reader which can be used to scan the library shelves. Once the desired book (Tag ID) is found, the mobile makes a loud sound. The application is generic in nature and can in fact be used to search for misplaced files, hardware items etc., provided all these have been tagged using RFID Technology.

Additional Requirements: 1. Android mobile handset with bluetooth 2. RFID handheld reader with bluetooth interface 3. RFID tags

Additional Remarks: Application is has been tested and implemented using RFID Reader from FEIG GmbH model no. IBID PRH101B (ISO 15693 13.56 MHz) alongwith ISO 15693/ISO 18000-3 RFID tags.


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Current Version: 1.0
Updated 10-Feb-2016 4:11:34 PM
Min. required Android version: Android 2.3 - Gingerbread
Category: Utility
Price: Free
Developer: National Informatics Centre
Contact Info: 919862006017
Email-Id: mgnsl(at)nic(dot)in

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